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This topic introduces you to the Stingray Traffic Manager™, which can help you manage and distribute the traffic to your website.

The Joyent Riverbed Stingray appliance is a SmartMachine pre-configured as load balancer that helps you efficiently manage network resources and control application traffic. It inspects, transforms and routes requests as it load-balances them across the application infrastructure, all through an easy to use GUI interface. Below is a summary of available Stingray load balancers.

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Riverbed Stingray SmartMachine Release Notes

Stingray Product Features

Description Throughput Load Balancing SSL Clustering Caching / Analytics Bandwidth Mgmt Service Level Monitoring TrafficScript Rules Global LB Application Firewall Autoscale
Developer Edition 1mbps    
500L 10 mbps YES - Simple 100 SSL TPS                
500M - 200Mbps 200 mbps YES - Simple 100 SSL TPS                
1000M - 200Mbps 200 mbps YES 1000 SSL TPS        
1000M + SAF 200 mbps YES 1000 SSL TPS      
1000H - 1Gbps 1 gbps YES 1000 SSL TPS        
2000L - 1Gbps 1 gbps YES 10000 SSL TPS  
2000L + SAF 1 gbps YES 10000 SSL TPS
4000L 5Gbps 5 gbps YES Unlimited  

Logging into Stingray TMs

You log in to the Stingray TM through a web browser in the following way:

You log in as the "stingray" user. To see the password for the "stingray" user, check the machine credentials page.
cache cache Delete
zeus zeus Delete
stingray stingray Delete
trafficscript trafficscript Delete
x-forward x-forward Delete
riverbed riverbed Delete
traffic traffic Delete
stm stm Delete
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