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Enstratius is a cloud infrastructure management platform that enables you to manage enterprise applications in the Joyent Public Cloud. This includes a whole host of operational and governance features such as:

  • Financial cost reviews and budgeting tools.
  • Management of access roles and user groups within a security policy.
  • Monitoring.
  • Automation and deployment features that allow you to scale fast and intelligently.

In this topic:

You can use Enstratius by signing up for the free trial at The free trial lasts for two weeks. You can choose from a selection of packages to purchase at a later time.

Sign Up for a Free Trial

Ensure you have an account setup at You need to have SSH keys and a credit card on file before you can provision machines through Enstratius.
  1. Navigate to
  2. In the top right corner of the web page, click the red Free Trial button.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to signing up for the Enstratius free trial.
  4. Log in to Enstratius for the first time and select JoyentCloud as your provider.
  5. Provide the login credentials to your my.joyentcloud portal account.

This allows Enstratius to talk to the Joyent API.

Enstratius-ready Machine Images

The following Linux images include pre-installed Enstratius agents that support immediate integration of Enstratius with the Joyent Public Cloud:

  • CentOS
    • centos-5.7-Enstratius-public 1.0.1
    • centos-6-Enstratius-public 1.0.1
  • Ubuntu
    • ubuntu-10.04-Enstratius-public 1.0.1
    • ubuntu-12.04-Enstratius-public 2.0.2

Using Enstratius

When you sign up, you receive immediate access to features such as:

  • Server provisioning
  • Financial audits and controls
  • User and role based privileges
    For more information on Enstratius products, visit the official Enstratius website.

Enstratius Agents

Many of the advanced features of Enstratius require the installation of agents. You can manually add Enstratius agents to your Linux/Windows virtual servers or SmartOS Smartmachines. You can also install Enstratius agents by adding them to install scripts you use for provisioning your servers.

For end users with large autoscale requirements, contact Joyent to inquire about making custom Enstratius-ready images available to you.

Installing Agents in Windows/Linux

Follow the instructions here.

Installing Agents in SmartOS

Use pkgin or pkg_add in the following way:


auto auto Delete
rbac rbac Delete
enstratus enstratus Delete
automatoin automatoin Delete
autoscaling autoscaling Delete
scaling scaling Delete
orchestration orchestration Delete
governance governance Delete
rightscale rightscale Delete
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