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Since our inception, Joyent has lived on the leading edge of technical innovation. Our team pioneered public cloud computing (and hybrid cloud), nurtured and grew Node.js into a de facto standard for web, mobile and IoT architectures, and was among the first to embrace and industrialize containers, compute-centric object storage, and what is now coming to be known as serverless computing.

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Joyent Leadership Team

Scott joins Joyent from Cisco where he served as the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for Cisco's Cloud and Systems Management Technology Group following the acquisition of newScale, Inc. in 2011.

newScale was the leading provider of cloud automation and management software products. Large enterprises and service providers deployed newScale to increase the agility and reduce the cost of operating their cloud infrastructure. The newScale product suite included a self-service portal, governance, provisioning, tracking, service lifecycle management, and billing.

Prior to newScale, Scott was the founder, President and CEO of Digital Market, Inc. (DMI), the leading provider of Web-based sourcing and procurement solutions for direct materials. Scott founded the company in 1995 by building the world's first Web-based trading exchange conducting over $2B worth of transactions between more than 1000 trading partners. In November of 1999, DMI merged with Agile Software (NASD:AGIL). While at Agile, he designed a next generation trading exchange for the electronics industry with Dell Computer, Cisco, Intel, Accel Partners and Gen3 Partners.

Scott also pioneered yet another successful startup, EcoSystems Software, where as a co-founder, he was instrumental in developing an integrated systems management software solution for open systems computing. In 1993, EcoSystems was acquired by Compuware Corporation (NASD:CPWR). His prior experience also includes industry leaders such as Xerox, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle Corporation.

Scott has a BSEE from the University of Rochester and an MBA from The Wharton School of Business.

Bryan Cantrill is the CTO at Joyent, where he oversees worldwide development of the SmartOS and SmartDataCenter platforms, and the Node.js platform. Prior to joining Joyent, Bryan served as a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he spent over a decade working on system software, from the guts of the kernel to client-code on the browser. In particular, he co-designed and implemented DTrace, a facility for dynamic instrumentation of production systems that won the Wall Street Journal's top Technology Innovation Award in 2006 and the USENIX Software Tools User Group Award in 2008. Bryan also co-founded the Fishworks group at Sun, where he designed and implemented the DTrace-based analytics facility for the Sun Storage 7000 series of appliances.

Bryan received the ScB magna cum laude with honors in Computer Science from Brown University.

Steve Tuck leads a team dedicated to helping companies achieve scale through the use of Joyent’s cloud offering, working with many top companies in media, entertainment, mobile, eCommerce and gaming. He is responsible for the strategy, operations and management of Joyent’s public cloud. Prior to joining Joyent, Steve spent 9 years at Dell where he rapidly expanded the channel business, developed the Web 2.0 offering, and led Dell’s involvement in the Facebook’s developer program launch. Steve grew up in the Bay Area and attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison where he earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Political Science.

Angela Fong oversees all aspects of Joyent’s engineering groups, including development, release, and deployment of all market offerings and played a critical role in creating Triton — Joyent’s modern and open next generation cloud. With more than two decades of experience in cloud computing and enterprise application development, she previously worked at Oracle before becoming Director of Engineering at newScale Inc., an innovative cloud start up, which was acquired by Cisco in 2011. During her three-year tenure at Cisco, Angela oversaw major engineering operations and managed releases for all product lines for the company’s Cloud Services and Management group.

Angela has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Hong Kong as well as M.Sc. in Information Systems from the London School of Economics.

Sunny Park is the CFO at Joyent where she oversees the financial risks of the company and Human Resources. She manages budgeting, cloud investment planning, and other risk factors throughout the company. As a dispatcher from HQ in Korea, she also facilitates collaborations with teams in Korea and in other organizations here in Silicon Valley on various fronts.

Sunny is also a corporate vice president and CFO at Samsung Research America as well as a number of other subsidiaries of Samsung Electronics located in Silicon Valley, and she recently extended her role as COO in one of the organizations where she works as CFO. Sunny received an MBA degree from Duke University.

Elijah has a lifetime of experience in the technology industry. As the General Manager for the Triton Object Storage (Manta) product at Joyent, he merges his skill as an engineer with his passion for solving complex problems, taking a human-centric approach to spur innovation. He advocates tirelessly for both his customers and his team to foster mutual empathy, understanding, and collaboration. Elijah’s engagement and positive approach to finding solutions reflect Joyent’s core values, attributes that his teams naturally strive to emulate.

Elijah is the former Director of Solutions Engineering at Joyent. Before joining Joyent, he has worked as a CTO, entrepreneur, technical lead, and individual contributor. As a former customer, he was an advocate for Joyent's technology. Elijah lives in his home town, Seattle, where he earned his BA at the University of Washington.

A Partner for Growth

In June of 2016 Joyent was acquired by Samsung.

Joyent and Samsung share a culture of innovation and technical excellence, and bring together a set of highly complementary cloud, big data, mobile and IoT technologies. By bringing these two companies together we are creating the opportunity to develop and bring to market vertically integrated services and solutions that deliver extraordinary simplicity and value to our customers.